12-hour throwing course on a potter’s wheel

Duration: 12 hours (6x 2 hours or 4x 3 hours or 3x 4 hours)

Date: from July 2020 onwards (exact dates by appointment)

Location: Drenov grič 169, 1360 Vrhnika (https://goo.gl/maps/1grUBdCSJJDZspYH8)

Access is also possible by bus (line 47), bus station Drenov grič. In case of arrival by bus, I can come pick you up at the station.

Method of implementation: individual course (1 on 1); in case you would like to attend the course with a partner or a friend, please let me know so that we can make all the arangements

Price: 260 €

The 12-hour course of throwing on a potter’s wheel includes:

– presentation of basic tools and their use

– presentation of kneading and pre-preparation of clay

– centering the clay on the wheel

– opening and lifting the clay into the basic shape of a cylinder

– opening and lifting the clay into a convex shape (bowl shape)

– trimming clay (making the bottom of the mug/bowl)

– handle making and applying

– preparation for glazing and glazing

The course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have already familiarized themselves with clay, but who would like to upgrade their knowledge. The level of difficulty and speed of teaching is adapted to the individual.

At the end of the course, you will take two of the coffee cups and two of the bowls that you have made, with you. For all additional finished products (if you decide) the price is 10 € per piece (the cost of glaze and two firings).

For all additional questions I am at your disposal at:

  • CELL: +386 (0)41 321 999
  • E-mail: dasa.kogoj@gmail.com
  • FB: @dasaspottery
  • IG: @dasaspottery