Hi! My name is Dasa, and I’m a slovenian potter whose products go by the name Dasa’s Pottery.

I first started working with clay in my teens. I was around 14 years old when I first stepped into the workshop of the famous Slovenian potter Urban Magušar. I went as a result of my moms initiative, who apparently saw / knew then that I have some potential in this “biz”. Yeah, moms know this kind of stuff!

It was love at first touch and I knew that after the first day! The positive energy I get whenever I come in contact with this wonderful gift of mother of nature is invaluable. From this gift, new and unique creations are born day after day, which amuse and charm my family and friends and of course, my favorite audience (hahahahaha), my customers. (I’m a terrible joker but I still try to be funny).

Like every pupil, I also mostly mimicked my teachers for some time (Urban Magušar, Ines Kovačič), but somewhere within the last 3 years I found my voice. I realised that I enjoy most when making cups, mugs and bowls. Whether these are cups for coffee or tea, maybe even a little bigger bowls for muslie or fruit, and who can say no to an ice cream bowl.

Sometimes I get a boost of special energy and I feel that I need to make something more from my clay. Those are the days I make teapots or high, elegant vases. Otherwise, on an ordinary working day in my studio, I produce all types and sizes of bowls, plates, cups or mugs for coffee, saltpans, evaporators, … in short everything and anything that can be turned on a potters wheel. 

Everything starts with a ball of clay. It is very important that the clay is properly and sufficiently knead, because it later on affects whether or not I have “probles” on the wheel. The air in the clay is the biggest enemy of every potter. When I put the ball on the wheel, I begin to work it with both hands. Slow. I prefer to go several times “into the form” rather than to force the clay into something it does not want. You know, clay has very very good memory! When I get the desired shape, I detach it from the wheel and put it on a piece of board and then let it rest for a day or two (depending on the thickness and size of the piece) to dry to the extent so that I can start with the cutting (making the bottom part of the piece) and in the cvase of mugs and some bowls and pans, attaching the handles. At this stage, the product gets its final appearance. Then come the first and second firing (which take from 24 to 36 hours each) to ensure that the product is suitable for use!

So, a little bit about me and pottery!

You can also view my products on my Facebook page and on Instagramwhere you can also order products or just check out my current work.