I am completely impressed with Daša’s perfectionism, the love for creativity and the beauty of the finished product. Each one of her mugs represent Daša’s open and big-hearted character.
- Sonja
Daša designed and made bowls for my four-legged “roommate” Messi. The clay bowls are more soothing for her stomach, they’re also a very nice addititon to my apartment, and above all Messi is grateful that the bowls don’t move left and right while she eats her meals … Most important, Messi is also a little proud that Daša also has a boxer dog – so she will continue to trust her and her pottery.
-Ana and Messi
For me, handmade products in which you can see the effort and character of the creator, have a completely different meaning than products made over the conveyor belt. That’s why coffee or tea, drank from Daša’s Pottery mugs, has a better flavor than if drank from a store bought one.
- Lina
With Daša’s mugs the world is even more beautiful. Their colors glow brightly from my glass cabinet and they make my morning coffee rituals delightful, even if the night was a bit short. They are »for ever« because even after non-stop washing, they do not change at all. They are unique, because Daša listens to her customers desires with her heart and makes them magical.
- Barbara
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It was love at first touch and I knew that after the first day! The positive energy I get whenever I come in contact with this wonderful gift of mother of nature is invaluable. From this gift, new and unique creations are born day after day, which amuse and charm my family and friends and of course, my favorite audience, my customers.